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Hi! I'm new here! I have a 2-year old daughter who loves Dora and the Backyardigans! Me personally I'm all about the Backyardigans! :) I think it's the most adorable cartoon (even though every night I go to bed w/ the songs in my head! ah! lol). We're slowlyl but surely collecting Dora stuff more so. Last night for example I gave Hannah a bath and washed her hair with DORA shampoo while she sat on her DORA bathmat and played w/ her DORA bath doll. Then she brushed her teeth w/ her DORA toothbrush. Afterward I put her in DORA jammies. lol It's so funny how that stuff accumulates.

PS...I would love some Backyardigan icons if anyone has them! I will credit! :D
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